Company Profile

San Francisco Mirror Corporation, a leader in the glass industry was established in 1952 as a manufacturer and leading importer, supplier and processor of high quality glass products.


Major Product Lines:

o Imported Float Glass (all sizes and thickness) Blue, Bronze, Clear, Gray, Green

o Reflective Coated Glass (Pyrolithic; On line) Blue, Bronze, Gold, Green, Pink Rosa

o Energy Advantage Low-Emissivity Glass

o Opti-Clear® Low-Iron Glass

o High Quality Imported Double Coated Mirrors

o Vitrokote Painted Glass (Opaque, Pearlescent, Glitzy, Metallic )

o Glass Furniture and Fixture

o Architectural and Designers Requirements


Through the years, SFMC has maintained sets of highly technical equipment that allowed the company to fabricate almost any type of glass with different designs and specification.


Special Services

o Flat Edge Polish

o Pencil Edge: Single, Double

o Beveling: half inch up to two inches

o Chamfer (miter/v-cut edge)

o Ogee Edges: Single, Double, Triple

o Sandblast

o Nanovations® Easy-to-Clean Glass Coating

o Polyethylene (P.E.) Safety Film for Mirrors


The production takes place in an industrial establishment, with state-of-the-art drilling and edging machines which enables the company to provide high production levels due to enhanced technologies in this particular department. Years later, adjacent warehouses were established to accommodate a large number of supplies in terms of glass materials and other related items in order to meet the increasing market demand.