Philtech Glass Industries Corporation

Addressing the needs of the Philippine Glass Industry.


On August 26, 1993, another company under the name of Philtech Glass Industries Corporation was presented to the Securities and Exchange Commission for registration. This company was borne out of the desire of stockholders of the San Francisco Mirror Corporation to further address the related needs of the Philippine Glass Industry.


Major Product Lines

o Imported Patterned Glass: Aqualite, Clear Square, Flora, Karatachi/Victory, Masterlite, Mistlite, Moran, Richy

o Imported Wired Glass: Polish Clear and Figured Clear

o Decor Vue Glass: Slender Vue, Rainy Vue, Aqua Vue, Frosty Vue

o Non-Glare Glass

o Mirror Accessories: Clips, Screw Caps, Mirror Mastic, Sealers, Double Adhesives

o Silicone Sealant: Acetic, Neutral, Weatherproofing and Structural

o Patch Fittings, Shower Hinges, Door Handles and Other Glass Hardware and Fittings

o Convex Mirror

o Glass Sucker

o Aluminum Products

o Glass Chemicals

o Sash Putty


The introduction of Philtech Glass Industries Corporation to the industry is a significant part of the company’s efforts to continue sales growth in the resale market and likewise opened more doors for the increasing demand on local and imported glass accessories.