Back Painted Glass

With over 10 solid years of flat glass tempering experience, Glasstemp Industries Corporation (GIC) recognized a growing demand for specialty architectural glass products with ambitious designs. They are conceived ideas with special focus on large and often bent glass surfaces that form a complex equation, for which designers, architects, and building investors are seeking appropriate solutions.


Finally, the time has come to introduce bent tempered glass in the Philippines – ArcPlus, a flat tempered glass that is bent during the heat-treating process to a specified radius to create unique profiles for installations in commercial and residential applications. Conforming to safety glazing standards – ANSIZ-97.1, ArcPlus has a maximum dimension of 2500mm (Girth) x 2850mm (Length).


ArcPlus can accommodate holes, notches, hinges cut-outs, polished and chamfered edges including sandblasting and painting.


Fabrication can be done on glass thickness of 6mm-19mm depending on its application.


With this capability ArcPlus is a significant innovation perfect for distinctive and stylish architectural and interior designs.


ArcPlus with its highly technical support can provide you with the CAD formats of your requirements.



ArcPlus offers a wide range of usage:

– Glass Railings or Balustrades

– Curtain Walls

– Spiral Staircases

– Glass Partitions

– Elevators

– Signage

– Shower Enclosures

– Glass Doors

– Canopies

– Skylights

– Furniture


When ordering ArcPlus it is best to supply a tracing or sketch of the curve showing the glass dimensions in terms of:

A. Glass Thickness and Dimension

B. Arc Length or Outside Girth

C. Outside Radius

D. Height or Length

E. Chord Length or Span

F. Outside Depth or Rise


Glass Option : Clear and Tinted Float Glass, Pyrolitic Reflective Glass, Hard Coat Low-E Glass , Opti-Clear® Low Iron Glass.



ArcPus Bent Tempered Glass Brochure