Vision & Mission

The three most dynamic companies, committed to the highest standards of excellence agree that the key ingredient of their success relies mainly on their provided systems, materials, and services that comply with or exceed the recognized global standards. SFMC Group of Companies has proven to be a dominant force in the Philippine Glass Industry, hailed as one of the pillars of a highly acclaimed institution.



To maintain and strengthen our leadership in the Glass Processing and Glass Hardware Industry through superior quality products, customized services and innovative solutions that ensure optimum customer satisfaction. We provide and promote a healthy and harmonious working environment.



○ To provide leadership in the areas of:

           ○ Improving work relationship & harmony

           ○ Championing values & right appropriate behaviours

           ○ Optimizing organizational and individual growth and development

           ○ Building customer/employee satisfaction, value and retention

○ To be at the forefront of the industry by providing state-of-the -art technology

○ To provide competitively-priced quality products and services with our customer’s interest at heart

○ To open new doors for the global expansion of the Philippine glass industry

○ To actively participate in nation-building by providing opportunities through employment and corporate commitment      on social responsibility