SFMC Clear Float Glass is imported from leading glass manufacturers worldwide. It is manufactures using the “float glass” method in which the molted glass “floats” on the pool of liquid tin and is drawn out as a continuous ribbon. Rollers then pull the glass ribbon from the tin bath, where it is cooled, inspected, cut and shipped accordingly.


SFMC Clear Float Glass can be used in a range of applications, often serving a practical and stylish alternative to solid materials.

It may be used in both exterior and interior of buildings to allow high daylight transmission and permit occupants to view their surroundings. Where a safety glass is required, SFMC Clear Float Glass can be toughened or laminated.


With a variety of options from 2mm to 19mm thick, it is also available in larger flexible size specification, minimizing cutting loss. It is the base glass which can be processed into tempered glass, bent tempered glass, insulated glass unit, laminated glass and back painted glass.



- Architectural needs; interior and exterior

- Glass furniture and fixtures

- Export and industrial requirements

- Substrate of mirror and other various glass products