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Glass as a traditional material has historically gained a reputation as a solid, brittle material prone to fractures and breakage. Usage of glass was typically confined to mirrors, table tops, windows, doors and shower enclosures.


Ushering in a new age for glass products and manufacturing techniques – San Francisco Mirror is out to prove that both materials and methods can be refined in order to produce different, higher quality and wholly functional form of glass.


Interior designers and architects are no longer limited by the traditional properties of glass. The designs out in the market today carry lines such as “VitroKote” which offer an almost limitless scope of effects and finishes for an array of glass types thus creating a world of exciting new possibilities.


It is created using the VitroKote process which utilizes paint color-matching technology combined with a unique additive that can be efficiently applied to almost every type of glass. This process is a permanent, color fixing/coating for glass. Once the color treatment has been applied, it melds to the surface of the glass to form an impervious and durable finish, which retains the fullness of the color applied.




VitroKote back painted glass creates a product that outlasts most architectural products such as tiles and laminates. It has smooth nonporous surface and pull-off adhesion strength, the result of an incredibly strong chemical bond between glass and paint. Thus, it has the ability to be adhered to, etched, beveled, polished, cut, glued, drilled, notched and engraved.


It is durable, easy to clean, and low maintenance making it an ideal part of any residential, commercial and corporate application.


VitroKote back painted glass can change the visual characteristics of any type of glass such as tempered glass, annealed glass, bent tempered glass, casted glass, and laminated glass. Since we have an endless color range, back painted glass can be used for a wide variety of applications.


Available in opaque, pearlescent, glitzy, metallic, translucent and satin finishes. Custom color matching is available.




Commercial Interiors

Cabinet Doors


Mirror Borders

Spa Walls


Table Top




Wall Cladding

Exterior walls

Refrigerator Doors

Laundry Wall Treatments

Picture Frames

White Boards


Vanity Tops

Shower Screens

Furniture Wardrobe

Kitchen Backsplash

Bathroom Backsplash


Design Considerations


Ideally to get the best color match, Opti-Clear® low iron glass should be used. This is particularly important once you go beyond ¼” thick glass. The final glass color will never exactly match the computer or color swatch due to the refractive and reflective glass properties.


VitroKote will color match as closely as possible to the color or color swatch/fan deck code you provide us with. However, it is essentially impossible to match colors on dissimilar materials. Larger pieces of back painted glass are usually darker than smaller pieces due to the optical effect glass has with light.


Another factor of slight color difference is, most batches of glass (even though it is the same brand) have various amounts of (green/blue) iron content due to the many variables in the float glass process (process of making glass).


We recommend that VitroKote back painted glass designed as connecting panels be ordered in single batch to minimize color variation and achieve maximum uniformity of color shading.




VitroKote installation procedures are like any other glazing product. The industry standard for installing G-Coat back painted glass is to use Gunther Ultra/Bond Mirror Mastic® and double sided Sekisui glazers tape. The double sided Sekisui tape serves as a temporary hold until the Gunther Ultra/Bond Mirror Mastic® dries.





VitroKote Back Painted Glass Brochure

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