Laminated Glass


High Functionality and Reliability


The rapid growth in the use of laminated glass in architecture are being witnessed globally due to demands for increased safety, structural, security and energy performance of facades and also by the desire for superior glazing reliability.


For many decades, laminated glass has been known for its intrinsic human impact safety performance. Its use has been further expanded beyond traditional function because of the added benefits, such as post-glass breakage structural safety, security from natural and man-made threats, acoustic and energy performance. The need for high-performance glass continues to drive the selection of laminated glass in modern architecture.


The combination of optimized fabrication practices with modern design methodologies and high performance interlayers has demonstrated that laminated glass is often the most reliable, value-in-use glazing solution.


The Product


LamiPro® is the only glass to provide durability and multifunctional benefits while preserving appearance and clarity. It is manufactured by permanently bonding two or more panes of glass with one or more interlayers.


LamiPro® uses high-performance Polyvinyl Butyral interlayer, an extremely tough resilient plastic film bonded in between two or more panes of glass. The interlayer ensures the integrity of the glass by holding the broken pieces in place should damage occur.


The Process


The highly industrial process begins with a choice that is as important as the entire manufacturing process. Glasstemp Industries Corporation chooses only the glass with suitable quality for lamination, especially for heat-treated glass. High quality glass panes are subtly cleaned and dried before being transported to a clean room where PVB is stored. In this room, a perfectly coordinated air conditioning system regulates both temperature and relative humidity of the PVB film rolls.


The environment is kept dust free to ensure that no single dirt particle sticks to PVB or glass. Here, the PVB film and the glass panes are accurately aligned and assembled before it moves over to the nip rollers where it is pressed to remove any air bubbles and heated to soften the PVB. The nipped glass enters the autoclave where the final clear laminated glass state is achieved by a specific cycle of pressure and heat. To ensure quality, the entire process is carried out only by trained professionals using the latest technology within properly maintained facilities.


Strict quality control procedures are implemented throughout the time of production to avoid any possibility of delamination, optical distortion and other problems associated with laminated glass.


The Advantage


With over a decade of tempering excellence, Glasstemp Industries Corporation is now geared up to offer yet another highly functional glass with its newest product. LamiPro®, a laminated glass with guaranteed durability, edge stability, and optical clarity that improve not only safety and security, but also the sound and solar control of any application.


LamiPro® provides a medium for combining glasses with properties of your choice and performance can be varied by changing the number and thickness of each of the glass panes and PVB interlayers. It can accommodate holes, notches, hinges cut-outs, polished and chamfered edges.



LamiPro® can be composed of unique combinations of the following:



-Clear Float Glass


-Glasstemp® Tempered Glass


-Opti-Clear® – Low-iron glass


-Tinted Float Glass


-Reflective Coated Glass


-Energy Advantage – Low-E Glass




All of these can either be Glasstemp® Tempered Glass or annealed, or a combination of both, and can be used on ThermaPro® Insulated Glass.


Glasstemp offers the largest laminated glass in the country with a maximum glass size of 2500mm (w) x 4000mm (h) and thickness can be from 6mm up to 80mm.



Features and Benefits



Safety – survives impact and shows no tendency to tear free from the glazing
Security – resists penetration from natural and man-made threats
Sound Control – absorbs and weakens sound energy
UV Filtering – prevents deterioration of fine furnishings and other valuable objects
Excellent visible light transmittance


Energy Efficient – reduces lighting and cooling costs
Durable – physical (maintains its color), mechanical (strong adhesion) and chemical properties do not change over time
High Visual Quality – appearance and clarity of standard glass





-Curtain Walls


-Overhead Glazing

-Glass Floors and Steps

-Glass Railings and Balustrades


-Doors and Windows

-Skylights and Canopies


-Jewelry Shops (using Bullet Proof Glass for safety purposes)

-Banks (using Bullet Proof Glass for safety purposes)




LamiPro Laminated Glass Brochure