GIC Insulated Glass Unit – ThermaPro is composed of two or more sheets of glass separated by a hollow aluminum spacer containing desiccant or gas, which cna absorb humid air. It is hermetically sealed with an organic or a silicone airtight sealant on its two panes. This space significantly cuts down any wave transmittance (heat, cold, sound) from the other side of the glass unit, making it an energy-saving material.



– Conserves energy (lower air conditioning costs)

– Reduction of heat buildup during summer

– Reduction of winter heat loss

– Lower noise penetration

– Lower UV transmission

– Increased wind load strength

– Increased security

– Controls condensation

– Reduces sun damage to furniture and fixtures

– Aesthetically pleasing/enhanced appearance

– Greater spandrel and vision panel matching for commercial applications



Due to the advancement in design and the demand for energy efficiency because of rising costs, IG units are becoming a pre-requisite in modern architecture. Today it can be found in:

– small/large panels, curtain walls and windows of the most prestigious buildings and homes

– control rooms, conference rooms, studios, and other refrigerating machines



– Clear Float Glass

– Tinted Float Glass

– Reflective Coated Glass

– Low-E Glass

– Laminated Glass

– Bent Glass


All of these can be Heat-strengthened or Tempered.



ThermaPro units cna be composed of glass ranging from 3mm up to 15mm thick. Diverse requiremetns of glass types/thickness and airspace will allow you to have a unit of up to 48mm thick in total.


As we strive to provide no limits in design, we offer the largest insulated glass units in the country with a Maximum Glass Size of:

2450mm x 3150mm


With GIC’s cutting edge technology combined with the skill developed only to the highest level, ThermaPro assures you worry-free Insulated Glass Units for years and years.



ThermaPro Insulated Glass Brochure